Multichannel Distribution & Pricing

We work with teams, promoters, artists and venues

Optimize the Sales and Distribution of Tickets to Expand Reach and Control

Our vision is to provide the primary rights holders with custom solutions to achieve their overall goals. We empower the rights holders to recapture and control revenue, data and distribution, supporting an open marketplace.

We align with artists, managers, promoters and venues to put tickets in front of fans and recapture the revenue for rightful stakeholders.



  • Whether you are an artist, tour, venue, promoter or sports team, we will work with you to optimize your overall bottom line through custom, data-driven solutions


  • Our pricing and data experts leverage real time market data to understand and develop immediate and long-term pricing, to optimize revenue opportunities


  • We leverage our technology to distribute tickets across thousands of networks including EBG’s Corporate Programs,  enabling our clients to reach their fans across consumer marketplaces sites. This increases reach, maximizing ticket revenue and capturing new audiences.

Optimize your Distribution