Corporate Ticket Management

Automate and manage client entertainment assets through a centralized platform

Measure and Track Corporate Entertainment Usage and ROI

EBG’s corporate programs now include a unique software solution to streamline the management of entertainment assets including: corporate suite inventory, entertainment and sports tickets, corporate hospitality and other assets through one centralized platform.

Currently used by some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies, the software solution enables organizations to maximize the value of their client entertainment assets, reduce manual work by automating all processes required to manage event tickets and provides visibility into who is using the tickets, allowing organizations to measure their return on investment.

As part of EBG’s B2B network, software clients will also have access to inventory for more than 80,000 events and millions of tickets for sports, concerts, theater, major events, exclusive premium experiences and more.

The platform can also manage, track and automate the use of hospitality passes, meals and merchandise vouchers, parking passes, special orders made by employees, itemized costs, venue schedules, shipping information, ticket banks, internal ticket lotteries and more.

This innovative solution can be up and running across an enterprise in just days for new clients.


  • Automate routine tasks and processes associated with allocation, distribution, management, compliance and approval of sports and event tickets
  • Control and reduce costs associated with asset and sponsorship program management
  • Increase visibility of inventory across the company including alerts so employees can view availability and request tickets
  • Track usage to assist with future planning and budgeting
  • Robust reporting engine that is configurable and customizable
  • Improve ROI on sports and entertainment assets
  • The ability to recoup investment on unused tickets by selling through private or public channels with the click of a button

Entertainment Benefits Group will provide a readily available alternative to clients who were using TicketOS with a new redesign of the existing TicketOS software with much more functionality including internal and external integrations.

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