EBG tnooz interview

Tnooz Interviews EBG about Plum Benefits Merger

April 18, 2014

Recently, Tnooz had the chance to chat with Entertainment Benefits Group's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Stephanie Baker, on the recent merger announcement. The full article covered how the merger was going to effect EBG and its future plans. Here's an excerpt from the Tnooz article:

    You're merging with a competitor. What advantages does this bring the newly combined business?

    We're merging with Plum Benefits, who has a similar model, but they are primarily based in New York with 20,000  NYC-based clients. Some in Philly and DC, but mostly in NYC.

    Their current platform is that they link-off, more like an affiliate relationship, and we're merging with them and now their program will be called "Plum Benefits powered by TicketsatWork" and will become transactional.

    Our total reach will be 30,000 corporate clients and 50 million employees. We think this is important to share, because we are doing something similar to Peek and Viator, but the volume and reach is probably twice as much as either of those companies...