EBG CEO and Founder Brett Reizen (left) and 2021 Rock Star of the Year recipient Anthony Duffy (right)

EBG Presents Annual Rock Star of the Year Award

December 17, 2021

EBG is proud announce the 2021 Rock Star of the Year is Anthony Duffy, Director, Partner Development from the New York office. The annual award was presented by CEO and Founder Brett Reizen at the company’s holiday celebration at Universal Studios Orlando. Anthony was chosen by the EBG leadership team from among the recipients of the Rock Star of the Month awards. The peer-to-peer recognition program encourages EBG employees to nominate their co-workers who consistently:

  • Demonstrate exceptional work ethic and performance
  • Positively impact colleagues, customers and EBG
  • Empower those around them
  • and Lead by example

‚ÄčAnthony was among the 22 monthly Rock Star awards recipients, which also includes:
Ronald Alicea, Cindy Andrade, Kim Andrews, Robert Arcolas, Liz Brache, Gina Daniel, Cathy Donner, Elsamary Figueroa, Krystal Flores, Sharyn Jones, Justin Kostka, Yoav Levin, Ruth Maldonado-Nyathi, Zack Mashewske, Parth Patel, Lou Rivera, Carlos Rosado, Patricia Schwartz, Brittany Toliver, Joseph Varela, and Kayla Whittingham.

EBG congratulates all our Rock Stars!