EBG Halloween

What's Fun Got to do with it... EVERYTHING

November 04, 2015

EBG celebrated Halloween in a BIG way with costumes, candy, cider, costumes, decorations, pumpkins, pizza and more costumes.  We take Fun Seriously at EBG so why wouldn’t you come dressed as an Oompa Loompa, a pirate, a life guard, the Queen of Hearts, Wolverine, Popeye or  Kim Possible or and take the opportunity to be silly, spooky and fun in your favorite costume! We had a great turnout in all four EBG offices this season, below are some highlights from each office.

In New York it was the Jelly Fish worn by Debra that stole the show, but she had some tough competition with Zipper Face, a red Oompa Loompa, a very sweet looking pirate, a mean pirate, a ninja turtle, Danny Zuko, a student, a devil, a flapper and a disco diva.  We also had some creative submissions such as “under the weather,” “green with envy” and “clip art.”  Brandon, our fun committee head also brought everyone homemade rice krispie treats shaped as pumpkins.   

In Aventura, it was the Queen of Hearts who reigned supreme. Karen looked nothing short of true royalty, complete with red hair and a crown. Other great costumes included a hot dog, Willy Wonka, Minnie Mouse, Sandy from Grease, Wolverine, a lion, a lifeguard, and Waldo. We even had double the fun with two pirates, two robbers and two Rosie the Riveters. However, the Queen of Hearts wasn’t the only winner that day. The Digital Marketing team took home first place during Aventura’s pumpkin decorating contest. There were incredible submissions, from carvings of the EBG logo and an intricate eye to a haunted house and pumpkin cooler packed with ice-cold beverages, but it was Jack Skellington equipped with music and lights that came out on top. What a spooktacular way to celebrate Halloween!  

In Orlando, 30 people participated in the costume contest and 6 departments built haunted houses. Participation was awesome in Orlando!

The majority of our 14-person new hire training class wore costumes dressed as everything from a Zombies to Black Widow to an “A League of their Own” player. Around the office we saw witches, Jedi’s, Dr. Who, a nun, Jake from State Farm, Alice & the Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland”, and Pokémon characters. But it was Greg Andrews’ inflatable Baymax that won the title of best costume in Orlando.

On the haunted house front, the eeriness level hit the roof with 6 departments participating. The dark and scary Fulfillment department got us off to strong start with multiple jump scares. The fearsomely decorated and chilling Operations department complete with smoking beverages was also a strong contender. Risk Management, the Call Center and Customer Care joined the fun with impressive and hair-raising decorations. However, it was Website Production’s haunted house that had visitors screaming and rushing for the door. With everything from multiple jump scares to unnerving sound effects to a zombie-traffic photo opportunity, Website Production ran away with the title.

In Las Vegas, it was Forrest Gump that took home the Oscar. Chris Wallace made us think that Tom Hanks was in the office. Some other great costumes were Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner, Freddie Kruger, Supergirl, a Scarecrow, a traditional Renaissance Lady, Popeye, Kim Possible, Minnie Mouse, a Bumblebee, and a Priest.

We had 4 submissions for the Haunted House contest with everyone being incredibly creative and scaring the wits out of everyone but the big winner on this contest was the Marketing team with a Halloween Hallway. It was a great day in Vegas where everyone was a winner!

It’s great to see everyone so excited about Halloween and I realized just how fun we really are at EBG when the response to me wearing a wig, gold glasses, a 70’s jumpsuit and a faux fur was “Do people in your office dress up”??  My answer……….”Of course. We have a costume contest.  Why, your office doesn’t’ dress up?”   Just another way we take FUN seriously here at EBG!