U.S. Navy SEAL Takes Over EBG Corporate Offices: "HOOYAH"

May 27, 2016

“Hooyah!” he chanted. “Hooyah!” they exclaimed. The infamous U.S. Navy command filled EBG conference rooms over the past several weeks as John McGuire, former Navy SEAL and founder of SEAL Team Physical Training Inc. – a Washington D.C.-based physical fitness and motivational coaching program – shared his inspirational story and team building expertise with employees.

Brett Reizen, co-founder and CEO of EBG, first met the seasoned Navy SEAL, who served in that role for a decade, during his search for a unique speaker to present at the company’s annual leadership conference. After learning about the success McGuire had achieved putting sports teams through athletic team building, Reizen immediately decided to bring him on board to work with EBG’s top executives to motivate, build trust and improve communication in order to connect the team on a deeper level and become better leaders. (Take a look at EBG’s leadership team being pushed to the limit by SEAL McGuire.)

McGuire’s impactful story affected the leadership team so significantly that they decided to share his inspiring mission with the entire company. 

“John is one of the most inspiring and honorable men I have ever met. To become an elite member of the U.S. military represents what hard work and ambition is all about,” said Reizen. “As a company, we want to do better and be stronger. So, I thought, why not bring him in to address all of our employees and give them the opportunity to hear his story and hopefully walk away energized, motivated and armored with tools that will allow them to inspire themselves in ways that they may not have thought possible.”

Accepting Reizen’s proposal, McGuire took his training from the field to the conference room and set off on an exciting mission: to inspire EBG team members to overcome adversity, think like a team and work collaboratively toward a common goal.

“I chose to partner with Brett because I admired his positive energy, his leadership style and his vision,” said McGuire. “I could tell that he cares about his people and that’s that type of leader I want to be. I’ve learned a lot from Brett and I see him as sort of a mentor. I know we can both learn from each other and help each other grow.”

Through a series of interactive and dynamic presentations that spanned across all four EBG corporate offices, McGuire’s message resonated with team members and left a lasting impact.  

From learning about his difficult upbringing to persevering through Navy SEAL training to surviving an accident that nearly left him paralyzed from the neck down, EBG employees were awestruck by the power of commitment and hard work.

“After listening to John, it helped me realize that the only limitations placed on me, are the ones I allow,” said Jose Triana, content producer. “With dedication and a focus on my goals, I can achieve anything. John was able to put that in perspective for me, which was truly moving.”

Christina Duren, social media manager, added: “John McGuire’s speech inspired me to always remember to think about the entire team and not just yourself when trying to achieve a goal.”

Casey Gist, customer care specialist, discussed how thankful she was for the experience: “I want to thank EBG for allowing me and my coworkers to have the opportunity to meet such unique individuals with interesting backgrounds. I received great perspective from SEAL McGuire after learning about his outlook on life due to the events that got him where he is today.”

The themes of John’s presentation remained constant throughout all of his presentations – overcome adversity to find success, help each other to reach common goals and exceed them, don’t underestimate the importance of mentorship and the power of positive energy.

Top 10 quotable moments from John’s presentations:

  1. If you see somebody you don’t know, introduce yourself.
  2. Setting goals and believing you can achieve them is the key to success.  
  3. The power of mentorship is irreplaceable.
  4. It takes everyone to make a team and one person to fail.
  5. If someone is confused, help them out. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.
  6. Don’t let the world put limits on you. Don’t put limits on yourself. We can all do more than we think and you need to believe you can achieve the goals you set.
  7. There is no substitute for hard work. Don’t expect favors or handouts.
  8. The goal of any good leader is to lead their people to a better place.
  9. Sound like and act like a champion. Never quit.
  10. You are a role model for people in your life. Sometimes when you’re achieving a personal goal, you’re inspiring others.

McGuire’s presentation was a small portion of the major investments EBG has made over the past year to create a company culture that encourages healthy living. From access to physical fitness trainers and motivational coaches to onsite gym facilities, meditation room and yoga studios, the company is focused on creating a positive and collaborative environment that allows employees to excel both personally and professionally. We are committed to taking health and fun seriously. (Watch how EBG’s culture of healthy living has impacted employee lives.)