TicketsatWork Adds New Reward Products for Employers

June 24, 2016

New York, NY (June 17, 2016) -- TicketsatWork (TAW) – the largest corporate travel and entertainment benefits program in the U.S. – announced today that it will be launching a digital Reward Management Solution for employers on its corporate benefits platform at the 2016 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conference. The reward tool, which is scheduled to go live in late August, will benefit employers looking to establish or add significant value to their employee recognition programs. With a straightforward, user-friendly interface, the Reward Management Solution will take the guesswork out of rewarding employees and will automate the process to save time, resources and money. It will also help companies add tremendous value to their recognition programs by giving their employees free, unlimited access to thousands of great quality reward and incentive products.

“This new product offering will help our clients expand their reward and recognition programs, thus providing additional motivation and incentives for their employees,” said Brett Reizen, founder and CEO of Entertainment Benefits Group - the parent company of TicketsatWork and its Corporate Programs Division, which includes Plum Benefits and Working Advantage. “It will also strengthen their position as an ‘employer of choice’ in their respective industries.” 


Three quarters of all U.S. businesses leverage non-cash rewards and recognition to motivate and engage their workforce on some level, spending over $77 billion annually (Source: Incentive Research Foundation.) With the increasing trend of higher corporate spend in the rewards market, due to the increased importance of employee engagement and happiness, TicketsatWork’s new Rewards and Incentives products are a perfect complement to its current program that over 40,000 corporate clients with a combined reach of over 50 million employees are actively using. The Rewards and Incentives products, which will be powered and managed by its proprietary Reward Management Solution, can be integrated into existing corporate rewards programs or assist employers to conceive new recognition and/or gifting programs for employees.

Since 2001, TicketsatWork has completely disrupted the way travel and entertainment is represented in the corporate benefits space. The benefits platform provides free and unlimited access to the largest portfolio of exclusive, private discounts on travel and entertainment products that employees want.

“TicketsatWork is a trusted brand within the market because it provides an invaluable service to our corporate clients and supports employee happiness,” said Reizen. “Its immense growth and success over the past several years is a testament to that value.”

The landscape of employee engagement has changed drastically over the past few years, and now more than ever employees are searching for corporate benefits that support their ongoing personal and professional growth. Gone are the days when a competitive 401K package and annual bonuses were enough to keep employees satisfied. Employees across generations, but especially the growing millennial workforce, are in search of “non-cash” rewards that they can emotionally connect with and share with colleagues and friends. Travel and experience rewards are at the forefront of employee benefits and TicketsatWork is leading the way in that market.

The Reward Management Solution will help human resource administrators and employee benefits professionals engage with employees by providing them with a complete solution to acknowledge, reward and celebrate employee achievements for years of service, anniversaries, holidays, safety, wellness, philanthropy, promotions, birthdays and any other company milestones.

The key benefits of the program are:

  1. Choice.  Employees will have access to redeem for gift cards from over 150 retail brands including apparel, restaurants, and spas, as well as thousands of travel and entertainment products – including deals at over 225,000 hotels – not available to the general public. Plus, TicketsatWork has exclusive partnerships with top entertainment providers including: Universal Orlando Resort®, Walt Disney World®, Cirque du Soleil®, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment® and hundreds of other top attractions, entertainment, and shows nationwide.
  2. Easy and Intuitive Web-based Management System. Employers can manage and customize their entire rewards and incentives program online. From a variety of flexible reward distribution options to the ability to set up recipient distribution lists, reward denominations, personalized messages and scheduled automated delivery for multiple reward types, the program is time-saving and easy-to-use.
  3. Service. A dedicated account executive will be assigned to work with employers to develop a program that best fits the needs of each company. Employers will have the ability to customize, manage and send all their rewards and incentives plus the option to set various permission levels for other staff or departments within their company. Moreover, access to a direct customer service line will be available for any and all questions, concerns or troubleshooting.
  4. Cost. There will be several options with no fees and no delivery charges, which is different from many other rewards and incentives programs that include substantial fees, offering more value for employers and employees.

The Reward Management Solution will solve a major pain point for human resource professionals, who are constantly in search of innovative and cost-effective ways to engage, celebrate and retain employees.