Spirit Week Fun at EBG Aventura

May 11, 2016

Fun times were in full swing as the EBG Aventura office celebrated its first annual Spirit Week.  From flashing extravagant crazy hats to becoming their favorite superhero, the office fun seemed as if it were never going to end. Each day a winner was chosen based on creativity. Below is a summary of each day along with the winner.

MONDAY – Crazy Hat Day
The office kicked off the week by sporting their craziest hat.  Karen Vaccaro was chosen as the winner this day for her handmade hat, which showed off collectible items from her previous travels.

TUESDAY – EBG Colors Day
Sporting the company colors never looked better, as the office displayed their best outfits representing the brand. Natasha Burgos took the win this day for incorporating the color scheme in the best way.

WEDNESDAY – 80’s Day
Headbands and neon colors were back in style as the office incorporated the 80’s into their fashion. Maureen Mariano won for her interpretation of the trendy 80’s business woman.

THURSDAY – Sports Day
The participation and momentum continued into Thursday, as the office wore their favorite team’s jerseys for Sport’s Day. Kelly Kostner won for his showcase of a true Miami Dolphin’s fan.

FRIDAY – Superhero Day
To end the week, the office turned into their favorite superheroes. There was a true Batman vs. Superman showdown as Teodore Thomas and Daisha Alves tied for first place as the superheroes respectively.

From start to finish, EBG Aventura quickly got into the spirit and showed off their creativity and participation skills. As a grand finale to the spirited week, the office had a lunch celebration where the winners were announced.