Paul Rothenberg and EBG NY Team

Special Guest Speaker at EBG NYC: Paul Rothenberg

October 03, 2017

“It’s all about connecting with others – your chemistry. And likeability.”

The EBG New York team hosted a special guest in September: Paul Rothenberg. A longtime friend of EBG, Rothenberg started working with EBG back when it all began, more than 15 years ago. During his fascinating talk, Rothenberg shared valuable wisdom and advice, which is rooted in his decades of experience in sales and marketing. The hallmarks of a successful sales team? “It’s all about connecting with others – your chemistry. And likeability,” says Rothenberg.

Rothenberg knows this well: He is currently the Vice President On-Premise National Accounts at The Patron Spirits Company. Previously, he was the Chief Ticketing Officer at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Vice President Park Sales for Universal Orlando Resort. 

Paul Rothenberg

Rothenberg highlighted the importance of having “passion for what you do” and always “believing in yourself.” He also explored the key facets of a strong sales strategy: Stay inspired, be innovative, always push yourself to go that extra mile and, above all, remember that success is about cultivating deep relationships across an organization. After all, everyone’s human – and relating to others on a personal level has a lasting impact. (And also helps make the sale.)