EBG focuses on its why to inspire its employees and grow stronger as an organization

Know Your Why: EBG Puts Its Mission Into Action

January 24, 2017

A mission statement is much more than just words on paper – or on a wall. It encompasses all that an organization stands for, it guides decision-making across all areas of the business and it reminds your team what it is they’re working for and towards.

Knowing your why is half the battle – how to live by it is where the work comes in.

At EBG, we’ve made it a priority to interlace our mission and core values into every aspect of our business – from the expectations we set with our partners to the level of satisfaction we strive to provide our customers and clients to the way we motivate and grow our employees. Check out how EBG CEO Brett Reizen inspires employees.

We recently installed floor to ceiling “mission walls” in our four corporate offices to commemorate EBG’s15-year anniversary. The purpose of the walls is to serve as a daily reminder of our why, and inspire our team to live out the company’s core values. 

As we continue to grow and evolve as an organization, our mission will be the driving force behind our actions.

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