Mulching Trees at Liberty State Park

Giving Back Comes Naturally to EBG

November 07, 2016

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

These famous words were put into action on Friday when members of EBG NY joined more than 300 volunteers from 80 different travel and tourism companies to participate in Tourism Cares New York Harbor volunteer day.  

Tourism Cares is a national nonprofit organization committed to channeling the philanthropic passion and commitment of the tourism industry to protect and restore emerging or at-risk destinations. EBG is a proud member of the trailblazing organization, and was excited to sponsor and participate in the NY volunteer events. 

Together, the volunteers made a major impact on the to-do lists at Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and Liberty State Park before the freezing temperatures arrive in New York City.

Our team participated in the work assigned to volunteers at Liberty State Park, which included mulching trees to protect their roots from the wear and tear of the winter season and planting bulbs in preparation for next spring. 

Volunteers hard at work at Liberty State Park

Tourism Cares reported that the team at Liberty State Park mulched over 60,000 cubic feet of ground helping protect 300 trees, which made the arduous, back-breaking work worthwhile.

Additional impact results as reported by Tourism Cares:

  • 300 volunteers donated 1,800 hours at a value of $48,000 to State and National Park staff.
  • 200 sandbags were compiled at Ellis Island to help prepare for any future flooding.
  • 1,000 bulbs were planted at Liberty State Park and the Statue of Liberty. 
  • 648 feet of chain link fence and 78 posts were repainted across all three parks, using 10 gallons of paint to complete the job.   

The volunteer events were a huge success, and our team was proud to give their time and energy to restore and protect the beautiful parks in the city we love so that they can be enjoyed by hundreds of visitors each day. We are excited to learn more about Tourism Cares 2017 roster of volunteer initiatives, which are set to take place in the following cities: Providence, Oakland, Detroit and Toronto. 

As Tourism Cares would say, let’s continue to “protect the heart of travel, together!”