EBG's Leadership Team Put to the Ultimate Test

May 31, 2016

Last week at EBG’s bi-annual Leadership Team Meeting in Miami, the team met to discuss and strategize around the future and growth of the company. They also put their mental and physical strength to the test by participating in a corporate team building exercise led by former Navy SEAL Instructor John McGuire, as part of his SEAL Team Physical Training program. 

EBG's Leadership Team exhibited teamwork, passion and determination to make it through 5 hours of grueling activity, all in efforts to make the group and the company stronger.  The team met Instructor McGuire on the beach at 6:30 a.m. and were immediately put to work with mental and physical drills.  The training was designed to push them to work as hard and as smart as they could to strengthen themselves as a team and as leaders.  There was blood, sweat and a lot of sand as they endured the elements on the beach and in the ocean.

Instructor McGuire led the team through a series of team building exercises inspired by his training as a former Navy SEAL. Navy SEAL’s are the toughest in the world because of the mental and physical training used to teach them vital survival and planning skills.  Their training is designed to be more than just physical. SEALs also learn how to lead and how to align themselves to work as a team, which are crucial skills that can be transferred to the corporate world and help businesses excel.  That’s exactly what EBG wants to do, get better. 

“Our organization continues to grow and thrive, but we are only scratching the surface with what we can accomplish as a company and as professionals,” said CEO and President Brett Reizen, who organized the training and was one of the 17 team members who participated along with EBG’s Executive Committee and entire Leadership Team. “We have a clear vision and a plan to grow the business exponentially. And in order to achieve that kind of aggressive growth, we have to have a strong, inspired team all working together.”

This amazing team of professionals came out of the day united, inspired and full of insights that they will use to make their respective teams stronger.  The day left them tired and a bit sore, but as Instructor McGuire would say about anyone who’s complaining that they are sore, "that's just bragging.”

Now that’s what we call “Taking FUN Seriously.”

What SEAL Team Training Taught Us:

  1. The importance of listening and really understanding the game plan. 
  2. Making sure everyone is clear about their respective role and how they will contribute.
  3. Taking the time upfront to lay out a plan vs. rushing into things. This will save time and possibly money in the long-term.
  4. Helping each other.  Don’t leave anyone behind, we’re in this together.
  5. Leaders lead. They look out for their people (team) and make sure everyone is doing their part to move things forward or to accomplish the task at hand.
  6. Not to assume everyone understands what the game plan is. Find ways to make sure it’s clear and spend the time getting everyone on the same page.
  7. To pay attention to the details because they matter.
  8. Never quit.
  9. Be selfless vs. selfish. Think of everyone on the team.
  10. Work hard and dig deep.
  11. Have FUN.