Instructor McGuire giving instructions on various drills

EBG Team Members Take On the Ultimate Elite Training Experience

February 22, 2017

EBG’s marketing department gathered for its annual team meeting earlier this month in South Beach, Florida. The 3-day, offsite meeting brought together team members from the company’s four offices to discuss annual business goals and strategy.

Additionally, it gave employees the opportunity to connect, build relationships and spend quality time together. Each year, a team building activity is organized to help the group grow stronger by focusing on qualities such as trust, communication and collaboration.

The highlight of this year’s conference was the team’s participation in SEAL Team Physical Training with Navy SEAL John McGuire. Last Spring, EBG’s leadership team went through the training and experienced impactful, lasting results. Read more about their experience

Team members working together to conquer the raft challenge

Because of its huge success, EBG decided to once again partner with Instructor McGuire to put more employees through the corporate challenge.

From command drills to boat races to endless amounts of push-ups, each individual was physically and mentally pushed outside of their comfort zone in order to transform the entire group into an elite team of professionals.

After 5 hours of nonstop activitiy, the team emerged more confident, stronger, positive and excited about the road ahead. 

Here’s what team members had to say about the training:

“I absolutely loved it! Our training with John brought all of us together in a way I never thought possible. He is an amazing leader who pushed us to our limits and brought out the best in all of us. I look forward to when I can participate again and test my limits once more.” – Cara Epstein, Senior Product Development Manager, EBG (New York team)  

“It was one of the most rewarding challenges I have ever done. It inspired and motivated us to have a team-first mentality so that we could overcome any obstacles. Each challenge kept pushing us to the limit, but it taught us to depend on each other.”  – Danny Garcia, Senior Website Manager, EBG (Miami team)

“I learned that you have to help everyone on the team. If you’re not helping everyone – especially your weakest link, the team will never succeed.” – Suzanne Lavancher, Product Development Manager, EBG (Las Vegas team)

Check out more photos of the training