EBG Fitness

EBG Takes Fitness Seriously

October 02, 2015

Healthy living is something most of us forget with all of life’s other responsibilities. But as we all know, it’s critical to a happy and well balanced life. At Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG,) one of our core values is employee happiness, which is achieved by caring about our employees well-being, professional growth, enrichment and development. So how does EBG live out this mission?

Recently, president and CEO Brett Reizen announced that there would be a fitness initiative sweeping the halls of all the EBG offices. With gyms being built in Orlando and Las Vegas, and gym memberships for the New York and Aventura offices, every EBG employee will have a convenient health alternative.

In addition to gym access, EBG plans to invite motivational speakers, yoga & meditation instructors, nutritionists, and much more, all aimed at helping employees grow and better themselves physically and mentally. Additionally, because we all know that finding the time to work out is half of the battle; workouts are open to be completed during work hours, ensuring that everyone has the resources to succeed. So far, many employees have embraced the opportunity and have made it part of their regular work routine.

And even if you aren’t going to the gym, EBG culture tailors fitness to everyday work spaces. With EBG water bottles to help hydrate throughout the day, and stability balls as an option over office chairs, you can make strides towards a healthier lifestyle even when you are working.

The latest health initiative is just one of many; including office sports teams, aimed at helping to foster a strong and authentic company culture that “takes fun seriously.”  The latest announcement is just a true testament to how serious we really are!