Participants pose for a sand-filled photo after the training

EBG Challenges Partners to Experience SEAL Team Physical Training

May 24, 2017

Over the past year, EBG’s executive leadership team and more than a dozen other employees have participated in SEAL Team Physical Training – a half-day team building obstacle course led by Navy SEAL John McGuire to help organizations grow stronger and more united.

The trainings had such a positive impact on our organization – improving team chemistry, communication and leadership – that we wanted to extend the opportunity to partners.

Team members from Universal Orlando Resort and Expedia joined EBG to participate in the challenge at Haulover Park in Miami Beach on May 17.

“The goal of inviting our partners to participate in the challenge was to grow and strengthen our business relationships, which EBG depends on to succeed,” said Stephanie Baker, Chief Marketing Officer at EBG.  “Having experienced the training first-hand and seeing its many benefits, we knew this would be a great activity to share with our partners.”

Many of the team building strategies Instructor McGuire teaches in the training can be directly translated to the boardroom and every day life, which is why we continue to work with him. 

The crew takes on the waves as a team to hit the finish line

“The first time we did this it was about doing something we had never done before,” said Brett Reizen, CEO of EBG. “And now this is our third time bringing people out here to push each other and go to new limits.”

The experience was rewarding for all participants, and the group walked away feeling inspired, motivated and equipped with the following lessons:

  1. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. If you see someone struggling, help them out.
  2.  Never say “I can’t”, find a solution.
  3. Always keep a team-first mentality.
  4. Listening and understanding the plan before taking action is the key to success.
  5. Test your limits. Don’t be afraid to try something new and work hard.  

We are excited to continue sharing the SEAL Team Physical Training challenge with more partners and clients in the future. See photos of the training

Check out coverage of the event on Channel 7 News Miami.