Growing Great Employees: EBG CEO Shares Message of Perseverance

December 28, 2016

“A good company supports its employees. A great company focuses on employee happiness – it supports their strengths, it develops them as professionals and it improves their lives both in and out of the workplace.”

These powerful words were spoken by EBG’s President and CEO Brett Reizen as he addressed employees on September 12 to commemorate the company’s 15 year anniversary.

From a small tech-startup to a leading travel and entertainment enterprise with over 400 employees and offices in four major travel markets, EBG’s employees have been at the heart of its success from the start.

As the company has grown and evolved into a thriving corporation, Brett has come to define success in a new way. 

The focus has shifted from building a successful business to building successful people that drive business success.

About two years ago, the company launched a series of initiatives for employees that focused on three key areas – health, growth and purpose.

With the addition of on-site gym facilities, free gym memberships, yoga and meditation rooms, as well as access to wellness coaches, personal trainers and motivational speakers, EBG employees have flourished both personally and professionally.

As part of our 15th anniversary celebration, a handful of employees were nominated to be part of a #WeAreEBG video because of their tremendous personal or professional growth and transformation.

The video was revealed to employees during town hall meetings conducted in each office over the past several months.

At each meeting, Brett took the time to discuss everything from the company’s early days to current business initiatives to future goals. And employees had the chance to ask questions or share thoughts.

Nominated employees were also given the opportunity to share their personal success stories, which was a great way for the team to be inspired by their fellow colleagues.

Although the questions and concerns varied from office to office, one theme remained consistent– perseverance.

Brett reminded every employee that despite challenges or setbacks, the key to success lies in an individual’s ability to turn a negative experience or situation into a positive one – and, most importantly, to never give up. 

As EBG moves into the next chapter, we are excited about the road ahead – for our business and for our employees.

Our dedicated leader summed it up best: “Whether you’ve been here 7 years, 7 months, 7 days or even 7 minutes, EBG is now part of your STORY – we are you company, your success and your future. Go out and be great!”  

Here’s a glimpse at what our employees are saying:

“EBG values and cares about their employees by promoting growth within the company.” – Ruth Maldonado, Site Manager 

“EBG sees growth potential, and they give people the opportunity to grow. And if you’re willing and have the heart – anybody can go on and be successful in this company.” – Maria McGuire, Manager of Field Services 

“The culture is very friendly – I wouldn’t say the word culture, I would definitely use community.” Talon Gallegos, IT Support Analyst

“The difference about the people here at EBG is that we operate together like we’ve been together for decades.” – Alexandra Vargas, Senior Manager of Finance 

“We have an entire company full of people who are passionate. I don’t know if I ever worked, or will ever work in a place again that has that much pride in the type of work that people are turning out.” – Brandon Warner, VP of Product Development 

“EBG just keeps me happy and I love what I’m doing. I just hope I can do it for 10 more years.” - Annegret Miller, Accounts Payable Specialist 

Ana Sagaro, Controller, discussed how EBG supported her as she trained to run the NYC half marathon: “I had a lot of support from my team members at EBG. Everybody got on board with me. Some would even come out and run on a Saturday morning.”

“Because of EBG's commitment to health and wellness, I've been able to transform myself to a happier and more active person - I will always be grateful to EBG for helping me find my life's passion.” – Karen Maquilan, Product Integration (Fun fact: Karen started her own health blog as a result of being inspired by EBG’s health and wellness initiatives. Check out