Employee Benefit Adviser highlights EBG employee recognition survey

EBA Magazine Features Results of EBG Employee Recognition Survey

November 03, 2016

On November 2, Employee Benefit Adviser (EBA) Magazine leveraged the results of an employee recognition survey EBG conducted to showcase how rewarding employees boosts positive workplace culture. Read full article here

The article noted EBG’s decision to incorporate a Reward Management Solution on its corporate benefit platforms stating: “Brett Reizen, president and CEO of EBG, says that corporate spending in the rewards market continues to rise because employee happiness remains a top business priority for great organizations.‘Since 2001, our travel and entertainment employee benefits platforms have helped 40,000 corporations create positive, productive workplaces,’ Reizen says. ‘Adding a rewards component to our current offering was a natural extension of our business.’”  

In June, the magazine also featured a list of top 10 reward and incentive products employees value. View slideshow