Customer Care Department Celebrates One Year Anniversary

June 16, 2016

Last month, our Customer Care Department celebrated its 1-year anniversary. The department, which is the newest addition to EBG's operation, was created to support our growing business.  Located in our brand new Orlando Premier Ticket and Operations Center, the department provides support to all customers who have existing orders across each of our websites. Additionally, our customer care team members manage the front desk of the ticket center greeting customers and fulfilling orders.

“We are committed to taking FUN seriously by ensuring that our customer’s expectations are exceeded with every interaction, whether it be over the phone, through an e-mail or via Live Chat,”  said Mark Tantillo, Senior Customer Care Manager. “Our goal is to find solutions to our customer’s concerns and to satisfy their needs.”

Jason Baker, Vice President of Operations, added:  “We are in the business of caring and we take pride in knowing that each customer concern is different, and we look forward to the challenge of providing gracious service to those who are in need of it.”

The commitment and dedication to service is evidenced by what our customers are saying about our Customer Care Department:

Over the past year, the team has had countless face-to-face customer interactions, taken over 302,000 phone calls, replied to over 84,000 emails and conducted over 5,200 chats online. With a staff of more than 30 Customer Care Coordinators,  three managers and a support staff of many, the team is dedicated to delivering incomparable service.

Customer Care’s Service Standards:

I make it easy for our customers to do business with us:

  • I listen well.

  • I communicate knowledgeably, clearly and correctly.

  • I am part of a seamless EBG team working for the benefit of our customer.

I recognize our customers:

  • I take pride in what I do and show enthusiasm to my customer.

  • I genuinely care about my customers and connect with them.

  • I acknowledge my customers relationships with EBG and demonstrate that I know their interactions are important to the success of EBG.

  • I express personal concern for any lapse in service, real or perceived.

I solve our customer’s problems:

  • I own my customers problems and see them through to resolution.

  • I clearly explain myself and the resolution that will occur.

  • I explain why.