Audience watching Blue Man Group perform

Blue Man Group Celebrates 25 Years of Laughter, Antics and Paint

November 17, 2016

From New York City to Orlando, Las Vegas and beyond, Blue Man Group has colored the last 25 years in an entertaining blue haze of hilarity and positivity. The iconic group is celebrating its 25th anniversary on November 17, and Entertainment Benefits Group is applauding its longtime partner across three cities – Orlando, Las Vegas and New York – with editorial coverage, interviews with the Blue Man Group founders, trivia, social media posts and more.

By now, the Blue Man Group story is well known: In the late 1980s, a trio of friends – Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink – banded together to create the show. The three men, newly graduated from college and living in New York’s Lower East Side, sought to create a company where their creativity could flourish. As a result, in 1988, the friends donned their now-signature blue paint and established the beginnings of Blue Man Group through a performance piece in Central Park called Funeral for the 80s

Blue Man Group Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Since the group’s official inception in 1991, over 35 million people have watched a Blue Man Group show onstage. In a time of division around our globe, the message of the blue men is especially important. It’s all about unity – the term “blue men” is a riff on “human.” Each wide-eyed, effervescently painted man speaks to the innocence inside all of us. In many ways, we are all part of Blue Man Group, whether we engage as an audience member or attempt to master the rhythmic drumming offstage.

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The message of Blue Man Group is at the heart of their charitable initiatives, including their offering of autism-friendly performances. Since 2014, the creative team has produced special evenings with less extravagant lighting and sounds to create a safe space for all kids to enjoy. Blue Man Group has pledged to donate a minimum of $25,000 to Autism Speaks in an effort to expand medical research and benefit those living with autism. 

Our team was proud to join the original creators of Blue Man Group and hundreds of others to celebrate the milestone at a variety of events in Manhattan including: Blue Man Family Dinner at Sardi’s Restaurant, Founders’ Cocktail Reception at ACME Bar and Grill and a special 25th Anniversary performance at the Astor Place Theater.

Congratulations, Blue Man Group! We are proud to be your partner and look forward to 25 more years of joyous antics – and blue paint.