About Us

Our values drive our business and have helped us grow to over 60 million users.

About Us

Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG) is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the country that specializes in live entertainment and travel. EBG generates millions of transactions annually by merchandising thousands of attractions and activities, live entertainment, hotel rooms, and other products and services through private, membership-based programs and other direct distribution channels.  

EBG powers a robust portfolio of technology solutions and operates a network of membership-based websites reaching a captive audience, providing leading brands with incremental distribution opportunities. EBG owns and operates the largest travel and entertainment benefits program in the country—serving over 40,000 corporate clients and reaching more than 50 million employees through its Corporate Perks Programs.  We are proud to be the largest sales partner for many of the major theme parks, attractions, entertainment producers, and other travel organizations in the country.

EBG is headquartered in Miami with offices in New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Austin.

Our Values

We value every customer, employee and partner. We believe in creating strong brands that deliver unforgettable experiences and value for our customers.

Our aim is to seize opportunities that propel the company forward and make a fair profit for our shareholders. We recognize that we are fortunate and want to benefit the lives of others by sharing our time and resources with all the communities we work in.


Customer Satisfaction
At EBG, we celebrate our customers. We care about every guest's experience and always deliver quality service. We want to offer customers the best value and fulfill their every need, every day.

Employee Happiness
We recognize the contributions of all individuals and care about their well-being, professional growth, enrichment and development. EBG aims to inspire and motivate.

Our goal is to create longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships. Without our partners, we cannot succeed. We celebrate their success.

Growing and Profiting
We will always seize and evolve opportunities that deliver profits for EBG and its shareholders. Our focus is on results. We are driven to excel in everything we do in order to move our company forward.

EBG will continue to commit time and resources to the communities we work in and to others who need our help.

EBG Presents

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are unforgettable for both fans and artists

Meet the people who take your Fun seriously.